Wandering David

I work in IT as First Line Technician
for a large telecommunication company based in Brussels.
When my eldest son was two years old, I got introduced into hiking.
My love for the outdoors started then, during a family hike in the Ardennes.
Lennert had the time of his life, and so did I.

Since that specific day, a lot changed.
I bought myself a camera, a decent backpack and started blogging.
Hoping to inspire people and encourage them to enjoy the outdoors.

Instagram Feed

  • While writing the trip report for the #laugavegurinn I ran in to this picture. It reminds me of the curious Icelandic Hikers who stopped and looked at my Trailstar, wondering if I really would sleep in this... 😄
  • On route to Háalda, a nice alternative start of the #laugavegur hiking trail.
  • Looks like I forgot to ask Santa the most precious gift ever... Time !!!
Something I am in need off... Time to post on Instagram, Time to work on my trip reports...
Time to go outdoors...
If you have some, send it to me please 😉
  • One of those captures where I realise that I am really fortunate. Cherishing every moment with them on the trail.
  • Quality time with my two little hikers.
  • Yesterday @parthoensrube, a good friend and excellent photographer/cameraman, mentioned how great it was that we can share the hiking spirit with our kids. 
I must admit that we are blessed and extremely proud, enjoying it as much as possible.
The last trip we did was along the Belgian Coast, and next year we will repeat it along the South West Coastal path. A five day trek between St Ives and Penzance. Already looking forward.
  • Love my two little rascals...
  • Socialising at the Emstrur Camp Ground. #camplife