Wandering David

I work in IT as First Line Technician
for a large telecommunication company based in Brussels.
When my eldest son was two years old, I got introduced into hiking.
My love for the outdoors started then, during a family hike in the Ardennes.
Lennert had the time of his life, and so did I.

Since that specific day, a lot changed.
I bought myself a camera, a decent backpack and started blogging.
Hoping to inspire people and encourage them to enjoy the outdoors.

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  • Ever been wandering in a black desert surrounded with green mountains ?
  • The Scottish #galloways are popping up in landscapes all over Europe. Even along the Belgian Coastal Nature Reserves.
  • Have a great Sunday !!!
  • Iceland kept surprising me. When hiking through the black sand valley near the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier it seemed unlikely that anything would be growing there.
Nature proved otherwise.
  • Hvanngil, one of the six huts or skáli along the #laugavegur trail.
  • Crossing the black sandy lavafield of Emstrur, southeast of Mýrdalsjökul Glacier.
It's like walking through the desert, except for the heat off course. Not a real obstacle on the Laugavegur trail, unless it is a stormy day.
  • It's been almost two months since I visited Iceland. When going through my captures, I realise that hiking in the land of Fire and Ice is like living a dream.
  • Ever wondered why Iceland is called Iceland, and Greenland is called Greenland ?