Wandering David

I work in IT as First Line Technician
for a large telecommunication company based in Brussels.
When my eldest son was two years old, I got introduced into hiking.
My love for the outdoors started then, during a family hike in the Ardennes.
Lennert had the time of his life, and so did I.

Since that specific day, a lot changed.
I bought myself a camera, a decent backpack and started blogging.
Hoping to inspire people and encourage them to enjoy the outdoors.

Instagram Feed

  • Meet @steen_christopher, one of the enthusiastic hikers on the #HikingAdvisor winter trip. Since he joined us last year for a first ever #microadventure a lot has changed. One of his achievements in 2016 was the #CDT. You see hiking can be contagious 😉
  • Frozen...
  • So far, on all of the trips I made with #HikingAdvisor, we had been extremely lucky with the weather. It was also the case during our last #microadventure with @patagonian_dreams . On day two the sun popped through the clouds and it almost felt like spring.
  • When spending a night under the stars, we don't drink coffee to wake up. We wake up to drink coffee, especially on a frosty morning.
  • @nikolaas.aelbrecht calls it the Belgian Wilderness. And that's exactly what the High Fens (Hautes Fagnes) is.
Make sure to visit his outstanding Instagram feed.
  • Happiness is always better when shared, and when you have the pleasure to attend a hiking trip with #HikingAdvisor that's exactly the case.
  • Kasper, strolling through the old alpine sphagnum bogs of Belgium's largest nature reserve, the Hautes Fagnes.
  • Last weekend Steve @patagonian_dreams guided us through the Belgian High Fens region. The third edition of #HikingAdvisor's winter trip was a great succes. Looking forward to the next trip.
Thanks buddy.