A passion for hiking

Hiking along the coastline?
Are you crazy, it’s matchday!
This afternoon I am going to my beloved “Sporting” with the lads!
I can do plenty of walking when I am retired!

Fortunately, that quote was years ago. Nevertheless, it was a reaction I had when my significant other asked me to spend an afternoon hiking at the Belgian coast.
It all changed about eight years ago, in Autumn 2008.

However, before I continue, let me first introduce myself. I am a child of the seventies. Born and raised in Kortrijk (Belgium), a town along the banks of the Leie river. A loving husband and proud father of two boys.

Football dominated my childhood. Not only did I play the ballgame, but I also supported my favourite team during home and away games.
Now, I work in IT as First Line Technician for a large telecommunication company based in Brussels. So as stated above, since 2008 I try to spend my spare time in the great outdoors.

Lennert and my parents in law

The fact that I love the outdoors has everything to do with my parents in law, Miek and Wim, and especially my eldest son, Lennert. That Autumn in 2008 we went to Engreux, a little village in the Belgian Ardennes, where we gathered with the whole family. A hike along the meandering banks of the Ourthe river was one of the activities of the weekend. To my surprise I loved it. Not only did I, but also Lennert, who was merely two years old, had the time of his life.
Since that weekend, my passion for the outdoors, and especially hiking, got a momentum. It went from short distance day hikes with the family to long-distance trips all over Europe.

Friends and colleagues often wonder why the hell I hike.
Isn’t it physically hard? Well, sometimes it is. But on the trail, I can clear my mind, enjoy the scenery, meet new people and afterwards my body is full of energy.

So why the blog? Well, it is simple, I want to share the beauty of the outdoors with you. Also, as I got inspired by my son and parents in law, it might help you to pluck up courage, tie your hiking boots and explore the outdoors?



Wandelen is altijd ontspannend en de beste manier om je zelf tegen te komen.Wandelen ontstrest en je voelt je herboren.

    Wandering David

    Dit kan ik alleen maar bevestigen. Ook al is het soms fysisch uitputtend, mentaal krijg je altijd een energie boost.


Looking forward to reading more. Dank u 🙂

    Wandering David

    Thank you for visiting. And off course “Buen Camino”.

peter beheydt

Wandelen is de beste manier om zelfs in bekend terrein eens alles te zien. De mooiste wandelingen doen wij als we op vakantie zijn.

    Wandering David

    Of zoals Tom Linster zei : “om eens te zien wat we niet zien.”
    Maar het klopt dat je niet altijd ver moet gaan om te genieten, het kan soms net om de hoek. ?


Hier ook één die gebeten is door de wandelmicrobe .. het is inderdaad een verslaving , maar dan een gezonde ! 😉

    Wandering David

    En het werkt aanstekelijk eenmaal je vertrokken bent. ?


Wens je heel fijn wandelplezier

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