Flying over Iceland
by Yannick Calonge

When reading blogs written by fellow adventurers, I often find inspiration. From time to time I also discover hidden gems on the internet, this was the case when I read the blog post “flying over Iceland” from Rick McCharles on

For me, it was the first introduction with Yannick Calonge, a French crystal artisan with a passion for filming and photography.
With his short movies on Vimeo, he let the images tell the story, something that is sometimes easier than with words.

In anticipation of my Iceland trip report, his latest video “Flying over Iceland”. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

In early 2015, I made a big “jump” and decided to buy my first drone a DJI Phantom 2. Straight away, i “run” to Iceland and did my first aerial footage there during the cold January 2015. This footage will be part of my upcoming project: “Flying over Iceland. Part I.
Part II is a collection of aerial footage taken over Iceland during my last trip in September. I was focusing on flying in the Highlands of Iceland, trying to get some less seen footage. – Yannick Calonge

Yannick Calonge on :



Adembenemend mooi…..

    Wandering David

    Dit was eveneens het eerste wat in me opkwam. En leuk om nu delen van de tocht die we maakten, vanuit de lucht te kunnen aanschouwen.


Prachtig, geweldig als je de mogelijkheid, aanleg en materiaal hebt om zoiets te maken.

    Wandering David

    Inderdaad, al vind ik ze wel ietwat storend. Ze leveren wel prachtige beelden.

Atomic Words

I look forward to posts from your own trip ?

    Wandering David

    Thank you. Working on the trip report, it will probably be online next weekend.

      Atomic Words



Ongelooflijk mooi


Staat op de planning voor 2018. Prachtige beelden en kleuren. Ik ben al benieuwd naar jouw verslag!


So beautiful! Happy New Year and happy hiking!

    Wandering David

    Thank you very much Maylis. Best wishes !

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